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Spiritual Writings

Spiritual Writings

Spiritual Writings:

Are We Truly Alive?  by Steven James

Two Writings by Steven James

The Garden, by Steven James

From the beginning, as part of our cellular memory, humans attempted to understand our life here on earth, and speak with the gods to arrange for our after life.

American Indian spoke to the trees and the water. They believe the gods are in nature, and look to the sky for answers. Connecting to what’s healthy and natural, and what we can see and experience, encourages spiritual writings.

In Sedona, Arizona, spiritual energy is all around and people visit there to be spiritually uplifted, and communicate with the spiritual energy.

Paths to communicate with the spirits are many. As evidenced by writings on this page, impressions received from the universe around us, develop into words we can all share.

Thank you for the spiritual writings contributions on this page, and from other she had to come.