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Colored Turkeys

What is Thanksgiving about? Well Chris on Northern Exposure would have plenty to say on this topic, I’m sure.

Be thankful that we don’t have to go catch our food anymore.

We’re thankful that there are 70 inch big-screen TVs.

We’re thankful that everybody recognizes three days is long enough for a visit.

Thank you to the Green Bay Packers who really know how to play football.

Thank you for the Internet, that connects us all, and lets us research absolutely everything, and we repeat the information as though we made it up.

Thank you for perfectly comfortable towns with 45% humidity, like Fallbrook California.

Thank you for screenplay writers who take the time to read each other’s work, and make insightful creative comments.

Thank you for flowers and music.

Thank you for our children who somehow managed to grow up and be successful without us.

Thank you for Diana Krall and Tony Bennett.

Thank you for holiday movies.

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