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Saint Patrick’s Day


My daughter and Granddaughter 2015
My daughter and Granddaughter 2015

My youngest daughter is only part Irish but she looks and acts 100% Irish.  She really celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day and even traveled to Ireland to be married.

The Saint Patrick’s day celebration is held on March 17, or at least it was in 2015. During the annual celebrations, Celtic music fills the air. There are Irish dancers and even Irish rock bands like U2.

The Irish like to drink, so Ireland is full of pubs they acts like a daily gathering place.

Now as to Irish stories, there’s nothing like them. Filled with hopefulness and little mystical characters like gremlins. The Irish joke is that it doesn’t matter if the story is true, it only matters if it’s either good or funny.

stpatricksFor example, William Carleton told Irish tales about the peasants. The difference between stories and tales is hard to say, but when it comes to Irish tales, they have a spin of mischief to them.