Holiday Story Collections and Greetings

Happy HolidaysIn 2010 I began writing my holiday greetings in the form of a brief diary for some holidays.

It’s fun to remember my friends and family this way, and easy to say hello to them during the holidays season.

As children, the holidays meant magical things to us. We waited by the window, for the arrival of Santa Clause, the Good Fairy, and the Easter Bunny, until sleep finally took us.

Like most children, holidays were really special times, especially Christmas. There was such anticipation about what gifts would be given, and which gives would be missed. In the beginning, watching the children wait for Santa Claus was both joy and pain. Parents realized Santa was never coming, and watching the children wait, was a little painful.

Later reality takes over, and the holiday magic is transferred to our family and loved ones. I hope every holiday brings love and peace to your heart.

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