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Verizon Verbal Cancellation

Verizon verbal cancellation policy for $120

I had a “Bundle” of phone services supplied by Verizon Phone Company.  I was never told I would be charged $120 if I terminated any major party of my service by virtue of Verizon Verbal Cancellation Policy.

Verizon's Verbal Cancellation
Alternative Calling

My cell phone had unlimited long distance and my home phone had the same.  I thought I would stay with the cheapest one, but it didn’t work that way.

When I cancelled my Verizon Long Distance service, I was not told about the $120 penalty that would show on my next bill, but it did.

While complaining to the outsourced Indian Verizon representative, Verizon told me that I made a verbal agreement to pay this cancellation fee if I made certain changes.  Honestly, I don’t recall anything like that, and, why can the phone company have verbal agreements for charges?  How do they prove that you agreed? 

The magic of it all is, that if you re-activate your plan again, put it back where it was, they will graciously waive the $120 fee.  This is blackmail as far as I am concerned.  What do you think?  I say, “Play hard, but play fair.”