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The Survivors

The Survivors

By Judith Evicci-Sellens

The most important thing you should know about me is that I have a job. I am employable under the USIQ Rating System, with the status of USIQ 11. I work for the Gravity Retention Research Center and I am part of the Planet Earth Gravity Division located in what used to be San Diego, California.

abstract imageMy name is David and I am 26 years old. My friend Jim works in the same ‘think tank’ as I, for the same government foundation, but his division devotes itself to solving inter-planetary gravity issues. At this time the only employer is the government.

My job, as a scientist-researcher is to find additional ways to deal with the gravity we have today. We are at 49% gravity, and declining. My project is to create a gravity enriched artificial environment so that everything we own will stay on the floor and not rise above, like so many balloons.

Liquids remain the largest problem, as all liquids require complete encasement. The human need for fluids has increased due to environment problems. At all times, people have a fluid container strapped to them and with the use of a water exchange apparatus, they constantly intake life sustaining fluid.

Early Boulder Colorado
Early Boulder Colorado

I work underground near the old Boulder Colorado City location. Our tunnels lead to buildings on the surface of the Earth, but most of these are simply shells and are not used by our project.

The City Canopy covers most buildings. This is the same canopy protecting our research center. We live underground moving from building to building though the tunnel network system.

Artificial oxygen flows into our work and living spaces. It is like living in a large submarine. We have exposure to artificial sunrays, but personally, I haven’t seen the sun for many years.

I devote my time to working as a scientific research analyst for the creation of local, meaning our planet, gravity control solutions. This means my I.Q. is above the USIQ 140 test mark.

Today, I.Q. tests dictate all placements. Living, dying, employment, and child rearing, are all based on I.Q. testing given every 5 years. This applies to all people up to 50 years old. After the age of 50, tests are given each 2 years. Workers must maintain scores to work for the government, which means, to work at all.

Since the year 2075, domes cover most of the remaining usable cities. The surprising side effect of the destruction of our atmosphere was the lack of gravity retained by our planet.

Reduced gravitational pull completely changed the way of life. Magnet company products became in demand, as magnets companies installed magnets in most items and materials. Large domes cover the cities and contain possessions that otherwise float upward or magnets kept unattached items in place.

History tells us that in the days when there were farms, from the time children were born, children worked on the family farms, and all children had a place or a skill the family could utilize for food production. However, farms disappeared by the end of the 20th Century and with them unskilled labor jobs disappeared.

Even as early as the year 2000, frustrated parents put pressure on their children to leave home and get a job, but unless the young adults were highly skilled, there were few jobs to be found.

It’s difficult to believe now, when licenses are required to have children and parents must show financial responsibility, that, at one time, all people could have children.

Today, people below a certain income level are not granted a Children’s Creation License. Parents need the I.Q. and finances to qualify to raise children because not all children can fit into our society and the government has no funds for failures.

The only children that survive are white collar computer literate intelligent children. There is no place for the others and no way to support a lifestyle for unemployable people.

Marriage, as well, is based on I.Q. matching. Minimum I.Q. for marriage is 130. Marriage and the license to have children requires an I.Q. of 140 or better. Genetically speaking, this is a form of government imposed natural selection. Although seemingly harsh, this law significantly increased the average I.Q. of the limited number of people left on the planet.

As our numbers increased, by necessity, the government issuance of childbearing licenses decreased. Each year, our genetic pool of I.Q. becomes stronger and definitely children are smarter. The hope is that eventually very smart people will discover how the human species can survive on this planet.

In the event children do not develop sufficient I.Q. within the first five years of their life, they are exported to the low I.Q. camp for handicapped people, and given work that is more menial. The facilities are limited, and so is the work. The higher the parent’s I.Q.s, the better the chance the child can live with them at home.

During pregnancy, women take I.Q. enhancement medication. Generally speaking, the child’s I.Q. will be 10 points higher than the average of their parents I.Q. I hope to be one of the lucky ones and someday have a family, but there is no way of knowing as resources become scarcer and competition for jobs grows stronger.

My I.Q. is high enough for me to mate, but I have a physical flaw, an artificial knee replacement which makes me technically unsuitable to reproduce. Still, it is possible that I can obtain a Children’s License, as the cause of the replacement was not genetic. I am fortunate though because my knee replacement is 100% metal free. People with metal in their bodies are restricted to areas where the magnets and other gravity corrective solutions will not affect their implants. It means isolation.

People could easily live over 100 years, but as I.Q. descends, although physically healthy, if the I.Q. tests are no longer passable, most people choose an exit strategy from the Opt-Out Centers before their exits are mandatory.

Actually, there were two precursors to the USIQ standards. The two Acts were the Flexibility of Thinking Act, and the Right of Choice Act, both passed during the early 21st Century.

The Flexibility of Thinking legislation was inspired and directly related to the publication of past president George Bush’s autobiography, ghost written of course, which gave a transparent accounting of his involvement with the 911 terrorists attacks and explained why, during his presidency, we fought multiple wars, with oil rich countries. The application of the Act was, based on changing facts, flexibility in thinking, is required, if you are president of the United States.

Shortly after that, the Republican Party began its downslide and our political system merged into one party. After implementation of the Flexibility of Thinking Act, and upon application of the I.Q. Standard, the party completely disbanded. I am told that party stragglers set up retiree camps in Alaska. To the best of my knowledge, there have been no noteworthy references to the Republican Party for the past sixty years.

The Federally enacted, and redefined, Right of Choice Act became effective immediately after the Mormons passed a State law enforcing trial for murder upon anyone who knew of a person, who knew a person, who considered the possibility of miscarriage during their pregnancy. The Act requires the Mormons to submit any future or pending legislation through the Federal System before they pass it.

This was actually the first application of this law. Additionally, it applied to the inability of the Republicans to successful choose the best candidates to represent their party and run for political office. However, as mentioned before, this party is now extinct.

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