Universal Beliefs and Truth – By Judy Evicci, Buddhist

Some say that universal beliefs are, “Believing in the boundless potential of all human beings, as entities of the Mystic Law.

This may be considered the essence of the Lotus sutra.

Not only is this Universal Belief an expression of deep faith, but also a profound trust and respect for human beings.” Daisaku Ikeda

Universal Beliefs and Truth - Buddhist, By Judy Evicci
Lotus Flower

Spiritual writings abound. No mater the branch of spirituality you find as “yours,” the fundamentals are often the same.

Today, hope is what we need as a country and as individuals. The question is, how and where do we find it.

There are five fundamental intentions, which are passed from one person to another, as we live life at its best. Do our leaders exhibit these standards?

1. Have respect and treat all others respectfully, which will increase your happiness.

2. Be intentionally generous by abstaining from unfair practices, between individuals, states and countries. This includes making an effort to share and preserve natural and economic resources.

3. Create and retain great relationships, with friends and family. Honor your ancestors, physically and spiritually.

4. Communicate gently so that peace and joy may be spread. Suffering is created when we hear distracted and harsh communication.

Attempt to listen with an open heart. Don’t allow your speech to create harm.

5. Be aware of what you consume. Consumption involves all the senses, Attempt to live non-violently. Toxins are ingested through the eyes, ears and other senses. Prune the weeds of hatred.

It is what you know about yourself that matters. When accused of having characteristic that you know are not true, just remember who you are; that is enough.

No need to strike out. Make your life stand for loving kindness and enhance your karma.

I have scoured the Internet, searching for nearby Traditional Buddhist Groups or Sanghas, with no results.

I live in Yucaipa California, between LA and Palm Springs. I would very much like to connect with other Buddhists friends, either on-line or face to face.

If you have any interest in meeting and discussing Buddha concepts, please write or call me.

Perhaps you would like to have a social connection group, where we have similar philosophies. I am open to all ideas.  Judy Evicci 951.265.2102 – judy@writer-spin.com

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