Writings by Steven James

Man With A Cart

Today I am stunned by the Nothing Everything I am.
I am overwhelmed by the exquisite blue of the sky,
Of the amazing resounding truth that is I.
Writings by Steven JamesYet I fear, that tomorrows dawn may break,
And I will be just a man with a cart,
Pulling and pulling, with all of his heart.
Will I be able to close my cloak to the wind?
Will I be able to find my way to the hearth?
Will I again be able to soar to the Star that is North?
This I do not know and cannot say,
But regardless of the infinite trials I face,
I will always return, to warm my heart in this place.

The Trees Have Never Been So Beautiful

In the glade the light is clear filtering though the umber,
detecting the sounds of crickets and the buzzing of flies,
i feel strangely remote as though in a dream.

Writings by Steven James tooYet something creeps into the corner of my vision,
an indefinable something, that sits at the edge of my consciousness,
then sings a song so enchanting that I become frozen in that instant.

If i listen, will i vanish from this world,
absorbed in the beauty of the thing beyond comprehension,
or, will i simply blink my eyes, shake my head
and say, “the trees have never been so beautiful.”

Copyright © 2010 Steven James. All Rights Reserved