Dear World, by Steven James

I feel I need to apologize for I have truly been remiss. I have lived most of my life in the hinterlands of realty. I looked through my eyes and thought I saw the truth but all I saw was a reflection of my own likeness. Not my external one but my inner likeness. I dreamed I was a man walking in a world that seemed to feel real but as I learned to gaze more deeply I found in my reflection an illusion of life as I thought it should be. My ego found root there and thrived. It grew to such an extent that I lost complete connection with my authentic reality. I do not think my condition is unusual. I think this is a condition common yet rarely diagnosed. What is our problem? Why is there so much pain? Why is the extraordinary beauty often compressed into a tiny ball? This is a question worthy of a lifetime. The world as we perceive it is dense like the gravity of a million suns wanting to pull us from the truth of the extraordinary beauty that is our essence. Then the question must be how do we escape that gravity that would punish us with pain and despair? The answer is simple, we have a Holy resource who’s power is Unlimited. There is nothing in the entire universe that can stand before it and all we need to do is ask “Ask and Ye Shall Receive”. The Holy I AM is ever present waiting patiently for your simple request “Guide Me, Open my Heart, Fill Me with Love”. That’s all.

Steven James