Are We Truly Alive? a Spiritual Writing by Steven James

In life we often get things completely backwards. For example most people think we are alive and we are going to die.

A more accurate truth is that we are dead, with the possibility of being truly alive?

As we grow from our youth we become compressed. The vitality, enthusiasm, spontaneity is drained from us. We become completely disconnected from the potential of our spirit. Then we adopt a new paradigm of reality. I just need to survive. From that moment on our lives become about survival rather than expressing ourselves authentically in the process of living. Survival is an act of dying. The playful, open, expressive potential, is the act of living. What most of us call living is really survival. How is that working for you?

Are We Truly Alive? by Steven JamesWe have truly lost sight of the potential of living, the quality of aliveness that is actually possible. We have allowed ourselves to accept the crumbs, when the banquet table is overflowing with a superabundance of everything we can imagine. In the linear world superabundance gets translated into some form of wealth, money, health, power. Superabundance is not a place, it is a ground of being that we live out of. Again, here is a reversal of common thought. We think that once we have what we desire then we will have the concomitant experience ie. I get the new job, now I am happy. The world will even validate that for a while. Your friends will acknowledge you, you will use your money to buy more toys. It appears your gambit was successful. But no, your boss gets a promotion and is replaced by someone you don’t like. You quickly lose interest in your new toys. So what do you do? You go get a new job and new toys leading to the same result. This is the ordinary course of events.

An extraordinary life that addresses the full potential of living is the road less traveled. It is not so easy. It does not follow the linear diagram that was laid out for us. It is truly a challenge. But given the potential that lives within us it is the only game that is truly satisfying. You can collect as many toys as you like but it will never assuage the thirst you have for a profound connection with Self via aliveness.

So where do you choose to live? Will you choose the path of having or will you choose the path of being? An important distinction is the path of being is in no way opposed to having. It is how we relate to having. When you choose a life of being and aliveness having is the natural outcome. If you have chosen a life of having one of the warning signals is effort and struggle. The life of having often involves force. That experience of effort rather than flow. So the opportunity is to fully embrace what is available to us. To open the long closed doors to a vista of possibilities that are truly stunning. We are not limited, we are not confined by other than our own thoughts and programming. They are our prison, they are our own judge, jury and executioner. Simply… give it up! It is the choice of willingness. The willingness to be wrong about past decisions, willingness not to be bound by your own personal “Flat Earth” beliefs. There is so much more. Plant your feet and declare with the full authority of your being, I will not be bound, I will not be your prisoner, I choose today for a life full of aliveness and joy. I promise you this, once you have made that decision your life will be changed forever. You will have created a fork in the road allowing you a new path, a new opportunity at a life previously unimagined.

Does this mean that we will not have the same problems we had yesterday? No. It means that we no longer relate to those problems from the paradigm that the world is flat. We now hold an expansive three dimensional view of our universe, we know that those monsters in the metaphorical sea we sail are no longer monsters, they simply turned out to be whales. And so our life transforms! We are no longer children afraid of the dark, we are bold and intrepid explorers challenging every limit we placed on ourselves. Yes, we will continue to explore the physical universe but that will be nothing compared to the exploration of our personal universe (Uni=One, Verse=Song), our One Song.

Embrace it now, for now is all we have. Do not wait a moment longer. Do not wait until the pain of hiding becomes too unbearable. Choose it now. Choose it now.

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