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For Yucaipa Ca Heating and A/C, always choose Inland Valley Heating Air ConditioningFor Yucaipa Ca Heating and A/C, always choose Inland Valley Heating Air Conditioning

Call Tim, the owner, for Yucaipa Ca Heating needs. He is the very best technician around. You can reach him at 909-653-6674, and please say that Judy sent you!



Office address, from Invoice:  35217 Mountainview St, Yucaipa, Ca 92399, Lic # 1000169

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My newer, 2 year old, central heat and air unit was working erratically. Tim quickly came to the house, and diagnosed the problem.

He saved me money, and I consider him to be completely honest. He took the extra steps, and my unit is humming along now, better than new.

Extra steps meant that a part, that seldom fails, was causing a gas contaminated air flow, to be diverted to an unintended area. He determined that right away, but the problem came later.

We received the new part, as planned, but the internal orifice, which let the gas pass through on to the heater, was an incorrect size. Somehow he noticed that, when testing the heater.

I was so thankful of his discovery and he replaced the new orifice with the old part orifice. What a catch! I may not have the terminology correct, but the idea is close.

To think that I almost didn’t call for the repair, because since it “Wasn’t Broken Yet,” I didn’t think it could be fixed. But it turned out to involve the unsafe gas connection, so I was glad I called.

I was told that the original installation company was the only company who could handle any warranty issues for me. This was untrue, as confirmed by the manufacturer.

It’s all good now, and my heater is running much less time than before. What good fortune for our increased gas bills.

Please contact me if you need more particulars.

Judy Evicci 951-265-2102