Heating and Air Conditioning Company – Yucaipa Ca Area – Bad Review

For heating repairs, in theYucaipa Ca area, never call Georgianna Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration.

If you need heating and air conditioning installation or servicing, this is a company to avoid.

Heating and Air Conditioning Company - Yucaipa Ca Area - Bad ReviewDean Georgianna, the father, lives in Yucaipa, Ca, a few blocks from me. Although, their invoice does not show a business address, but only a PO box, as follows:

Nathan Georgianna, Lic # 1028423 , PO Box 712, Forest Falls, Ca 92339

Phone:  951-206-6164, email:  Georgianna.ACHR@gmail.com

The father came to my house, when the unit was installed. He claimed he was training Nathan, his son, in the family business.

Actually, the installation went fine. It was only when I wanted customer service they were non-existant.

I had a valid warranty issue, which could have been repaired for a small amount, if Georgianna had responded to my contact requests. But they didn’t.

I was there the entire time, during the installation, and there were an additional 2 installers, young guys, and in a day or two, the new system was up and running.

The total cost for my Yucaipa Heating and Cooling System, was $6700 total, for the Guardian 3 ton A/C and the Coleman 56,000 btu Downflow Furnace.

I had a comparative bid and I determined that this was a fair price for a Manufactured Home Installation.

After the unit installation, on one two occasions, I attempted to contact the Georgianna company/family in several ways. No response.

Dean told me that I could only use them for any warranty items, or the warranty would fail. I later found out this was not true.

I even drove by the home of the father, and dropped of my business card, asking for a reply.

I had to leave the card outside the iron enclosure gate, which blocked me to going up to, or even anywhere near the door. Still, no response.

So, I called the manufacturer of the Coleman  unit, and confirmed that I could use another repair company.

My warranty would not be voided if I called another Heating Repair Company.

I write this page to help warn you off calling Georgianna Air Conditioning, unless you plan on being ignored, after the initial large payment is made.

If you have questions regarding these comments, please feel free to contact me. Judy Evicci