Judy Evicci Vocals

Below are a few Judy Evicci Vocals:

Skeeters Jam and Vocals 2016
We had a great time, and jammed for 6 hours
Vocals by Judy Evicci
Judy Evicci

My Funny Valentine

George On My Mind

The More I See You

Autumn Leaves

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

All of Me

I hope you enjoy some of these jazz tune vocals. Like the classic movies, jazz standards have stood the test of time.

Even some of my favorite singers, like Diana Krall, continue to perform this fabulous music.

And Speaking of Diana Krall, she has some YouTube music that really swings.  Try listening to this:

I Love Being Here with You

Another all time favorite of mine, is Tony Bennett.  I saw him in a casino in San Diego, and it was the most perfect musical night of my life.  The trees were all lighted with purple lights, the show as outside in summer sented weather, and Toni and his band took the house down.  He is so smart now, teaming up with the modern/popular great vocalists.  The duets are fabulous.

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga – Anything Goes