Music by Judy Evicci and Bill Kaftan

Music makes my world go ’round, Especially when it comes to my all-time favorite, Billie Holiday, and my friends.

Judy Evicci Vocals Link

More Vocals by Judy Evicci:

I Love Being Here With You

Ain’t Misbehavin’

Photos for the last Elks Club Jazz Jam in Riverside, Ca., August 2015

Other Artists:

Vocals and Guitar by Bill Kaftan:

Tequila Sunrise

 Chimes of Freedom

Bartender Blues

Did your baby leave you? Is your friend mistreat you or betray you? Then you’re learning the blues.

Music by Judy Evicci and Bill Kaftan - We played togetherThe blues can be sad, or the blues can be about having fun. You can overcome bad times with the blues, and you can be yourself,  just human.

But one thing about the blues, it’s going to be emotional.

My favorite stories about the blues involve the Creole blacks, living in New Orleans, refined and intelligent, who abruptly were thrown in with their less fortunate brothers. The out on the street kind blues was mixed with the complicated intellectual blues of the Creoles. The story is that, in the Mississippi Delta, upriver from New Orleans, the blues were created.

The’re intertwined you know, blues and jazz.  The just spread from the south to the Midwest, during the 30s and 40s. Blues from the Mississippi region morphed into the Chicago blues. Rhythm and blues and rock ‘n roll both came out of the blues.

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Fancy Feet