Moveable Chords Book – easily learn chords in all the keys

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Moveable Chords Book - easily learn chords in all the keys
Judy Evicci

Judith Evicci, Author, copyright 2022 and 2023, all rights reserved

The aim of this collection of moveable chords, is to supply easy access to all the chord shapes, which can be moved from one fret to another, to play in all the keys. This book contains approximately 185 Moveable Chords.

With one way of counting, approximately 2500 chords exist to be played, and could be studied and learned. This moveable chord approach will cover all the same chords, and by limiting the chords to be learned, the learning goal is attainable.

Use this book to refresh your mind, as to a specific chord, and reinforce the moveable chord to memory. Find the chord name on the Index Page, and follow the Bookmark to go directly to the chord page.

Each chord form will allow you to play the chord in at least 6 fret positions, changing the key with each movement.

This method of playing will take you away from the limits of only playing “first position” chords. Also, only playing first position chords, so close to the guitar nut, can be more difficult to play, and limit your skills and advancement.

Please be encouraged by the number and types of chord shapes. Just play what you want or need. All chord shapes are included common, abstract and Special.

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