Thanksgiving Wishes 2010

The very warmest Thanksgiving Wishes 2010 to my friends and family.

Every year seems like the first and the best to me. The present Thanksgiving year is 2010 and it was filled with singing, writing and working hard. I found a few new friends, and I am delighted to say, I kept a few treasured ones.

Please help yourself to the Thanksgiving cookies, and accept the  Thanksgiving Wishes 2010.

Thanksgiving Wishes 2010Perhaps the cookies aren’t that unusual, but they are truly reminiscent of the holidays.

2010 had its challenges, with the country in ciaos. A lot of working class people helped each other through tough spots. Families moved in together and the job market became unpredictable at best.

We always make it through, somehow, and my hope is that next year, 2011, my Thanksgiving message carries many good memories.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families, and Gobble Gobble, Judy