A Christmas Story – by Judy Evicci

A Christmas Story - by Judy Evicci
Christmas Cat

Once the holiday season comes around again, beginning with the leaves falling in October, my thoughts turn to Christmas.

Originally I came from Massachusetts. But since I was very young when my family moved to California, I didn’t know to miss the snow and the cold weather.

My family liked to ice skate when they lived in Massachusetts. I envisioned scenes from the movie Serendipity, with my parents in the earlier years, when they met, skating around the multicolored lighted frozen lake.

We moved from Massachusetts to California, and soon we had another addition to the family, my brother, who is nine years younger. Because of Buz, I became a sister/mom, and enjoyed my young brother during the holiday season. One Christmas my father put up not just one electric train, but two trains, running on two separate tracks, and occupying most of one bedroom. My brother was delighted, and he played with the trains hour after hour. He put small toys in the open train cars. I put candy mine.

The parents are gone now, but I remember how happy it made them to give us gifts. They were magical people, both actors, writers, and singers. To them I say, “Marry Christmas.”

Judy Evicci