Recognizing the Bad Boys by Judith Evicci

Recognizing the Bad Boys and how to choose the right man, by using the empathy trait; which is a trait Bad Boys don’t possess.

Women like these Bad Boys because they are interesting and exciting but more importantly, they are not dependent.

Bad Boys can be either the immature non-communicative/silly kind, most often his anger shows. Or, if he is a very wealthy successful business or professional man – his ego shows.

Recognizing the Bad Boys
Look for Softness and Empathy

You may recognize the bad boys as “loners.” The above categories are the extremes of course, there is every combination in between.

What all types of Bad Boys have in common is selfishness. Therefore, they don’t have empathy for others. These men negatively color the reputations of all men.

Not knowing what other people feel, these extremely masculine men can’t make  the mental connection required to put themselves in another’s place. They don’t think of the overall good because it is not possible. They only understand what they want. It’s actually a characteristic of autism.

Story-telling appeals to the Bad Boys.  They tell stories, that for someone with a conscience, would be confidences, and the listener could easily feel special for being selected to hear the yarn.  The stories recount episodes wherein the story teller reveals times when he was bad.  For him, the stories are actually fun to tell, so they can be relived and enjoyed again.  For the Bad Boy, these stories are not cause for embarrassment.

Some of our sociopathic friends hate their mothers and usually hate women in general.  They exhibit anti-social behaviors, like committing crimes and going to jail.  Money is worth killing for, that is, if anyone tries to take theirs.

The most extreme of these bad boys are murderers. They have too much testosterone or too much hate. They are in a group I call the Manly Men.

Internet dating is dangerous because the men have no pasts. They are born again with each woman they date. They can be charming until it is too late. In the beginning of the relationship, the woman won’t know what the man will do when he doesn’t get his way. He may walk away, or he may kill her.

The saying is that the good ones are taken.  What that really means is the bad ones are not taken.  Some are on the Internet Dating sites. They are not in a relationship for a reason.  You must develop a skill of recognizing the bad boys.

I know that in my heart there are plenty of “good men.” Men have a bad reputation for only wanting superficial relationships. That just isn’t true and the nice guys do finish first. You see it all the time with couples that have been married for years and enjoy each other’s company each and every day.

But, there are other kinds of men as well. I have fallen for a few of these charismatic guys and we had great times until they were told “No.”  Then, watch out!

Men need endorsements by their family or others that know them well. It’s just the nature of some to be too aggressive and to act without a conscience.  Recognizing the bad boys is a social skill you need in your dating toolbox.

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