Fiction Stories – by Judy Evicci – Author and Musician

Fiction Stories - by Judy Evicci - Author and Musician
Ernest Hemingway, 1953

Yucaipa Christmas

The Survivors

Genre means you are referring to a subset of non factual writings. For instance, science fiction relies on technologies not in use at the time of the writing.

You can write history this way as well.  The characters play out historical events, which may not have actually happened.

The author will add or subtract from a story based on true facts, in order to make it more interesting.  “Make believe” is a story of life, with the boring parts left out.

Non-realistic writings tell an implausible “real life” story, based on what we currently accept as true and possible.  Stories of this type can be also classified as fantasy.

The levels of reality can be difficult to define, especially when reading fiction, we tend to suspend our disbelief, and accept whatever we read, as actual.

There is another category called creative nonfiction.  Simply put, it is a true story told very well.  It’s more complex in its unfolding.  The writing techniques and strong, polished and often newly invented.

Real fiction artists bring everything alive with colorful adjectives and action verbs.  Read one line, and you are moved to a different place and time.

Recently, to name a few, the independent studio fictional favorites are Tween-Movies, Strong Women Revenge, Aging Hero Action Movies, and Family Movies, especially involving a dog as part of the family.

The stories are told again and again and audiences love to see the kids taught a lesson by the nice dad, and look forward to the happy ending.