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Yucaipa Famous People

Some Yucaipa high school graduates  became Yucaipa Famous People and achieved success.

Looking back over the lists of Yucaipa High School Alumni, other names stand out.


Ron Burkle

Click this link to read about Ron Burkle’s accomplishments.

 Ron Burkle, Yucaipa’s Billionaire


Stuart Poss and Susan Anton knew each other as they graduated from Yucaipa High School the same year, 1968:

Stuart Poss
Stuart Poss

Stuart Poss Website

Stuart Poss is a PhD and world traveler. His scientific accomplishments in the field of ichthyology (scorpionfishes) are recognized by having three species of fish named after him.  Please visit his site via the link above.




Susan Anton

Susan Anton Website

Oak Glen, California, lies a few miles up the mountain from Yucaipa. The town spreads out via a loop tour of the best apple country around. Tourists come to visit the beautiful country and partake in the fresh apple and cherry deserts.

Raised on one of the apple ranches in Oak Glen, Susan attended a very small elementary school. In fact, in the third grade, she was one of two students in her class.

Susan Anton attended high school in the neighboring valley of Yucaipa and graduated in 1968. Her first beauty pageant win occurred in Redlands, a nearby “big” city, about 10 miles from Yucaipa CA.

California crowned her Miss California in 1969 based on beauty and talent and this win paved the way to her being voted second runner up in the Miss America Contest of 1970.

According to her website, Susan lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. You will find more information about her by clicking the link to her website, as shown above.

Yucaipa California also produced three well known baseball players. To achieve this result, credit must go to some unnamed baseball coaches.

Mark Teahen


Mark TeahenMLB Player for the Kansas City Royals

Royals Corky Miller – MLB player for many minor and major league teams.



Matt Carson


Matt Carson (baseball) – MLB Player for the Oakland Athletics

Civic pride surrounds these people based on their achievements as their lives remain interesting to us through time.


Please contact me if you have more information to share about famous people associated with Yucaipa California or the surrounding areas. New or more detailed information can be added here.