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CA State Assembly 63rd District

CA State Assembly 63rd District

The CA State Assembly 63rd District is one of 80 districts in the California State Assembly.

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California State Assembly

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CA State Assembly 63rd District
Yucaipa, CA lies within two California State Assembly Districts

Find Maps and Legislative Information on the California Legislature Site, including Bill information, Committee Hearings and Events.

California Propositions – Statewide Initiatives

Election Day, for Federal and State Officials. which offices are open for election and the formula for which years we vote for candidates.


The California State Assembly has 80 members in the lower house of the California State Legislature.

Every ten years, new assembly district boundaries are redrawn, the last boundaries were drawn in 2011, by the Citizens Redistricting Commission.

California has a large population so the Assembly Representative, has more constituents, than any other state Assembly Representative, during their 12 year maximum term in office.