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Make Your Voice Heard

Make Your Political Voice Heard

Make Your Voice HeardThis page is designed to provide easy contact access to your political leaders and to allow your voice to be heard regarding policies and political issues.

Because Yucaipa, California is the home of the Writer-Spin website, the first links are directed to residents of Yucaipa and nearby towns. Below, are National Political Links.

Write your California Senator at the California State Contact Link below.

Purple Orchard 3Yucaipa State Assembly and State Senate Contacts link.

Below are broader contact and resource informational links for voters living outside California or outside the above districts, local to Yucaipa, California:

California State Legislatures Link

White Orchard 4The White House, general information

Contact the President by email

Find Your Senator throughout the United States

Find Your Representative in the House

House of Representatives Map

State Legislature Links, for all States

Having an easy reference, to find your political leaders, may encourage you to actually contact them, and make your voice heard.

It’s especially important when there’s pending or potential legislation that we believe in. I hope this summary of political contacts page is helpful in some way.

We will make every effort to keep these links current. If you find a link isn’t working, if you let me know, we will fix it.

Who’s Who, changes all the time. They were up for another big change in the next election.