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The Political Spin

The Political Spin is all around us.

The Political Spin
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Politics defined the “Spin” of writing about the same topic, from different points of view.

Political Topics and Articles:

545 Decision Makers vs. 300,000,000 Citizens

Universal Truths and Hope

California Death with Dignity Repealed


Make Your Voice Heard

Yucaipa California

As artists, we can help put our individual spin on everything. That’s what it’s all about. How does this shared vision look different to you and me?

The Political “spin” has a negative overtone, as well as should. At some level we believe there is a truth, and politicians spin it.

The biggest political demon that I know of, is the politician who is “above the law.” The person who feels justified in doing whatever they do. It’s a very dangerous situation, considering how few political leaders there actually are in the country.

One of our articles talks about 545 political leaders for all the people in the United States. What power to wield. It’s not a perfect system they say, but assure the best one I know of. I just wish we had more choices of qualified people to vote for.

Considering the available nominees in any of the given parties, how in the world do they come up with the representatives that we have to choose from, in order to select who will govern us for the next four years?

The California Death With Dignity legislation, I am so proud of the California legislators who pass this one. If you had a loved one suffer a long painful death before they finally died, you will agree this very humanistic legislation had to pass.