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Songwriter Wanted to Create Original Music

If you write music or lyrics, and describe yourself as a songwriter, please let me know if you want to collaborate in writing or playing each other’s music.  I am writing popular music, blues and a little jazzy stuff.  I am also looking for a Songwriters Group, in the Inland Empire, especially San Bernardino, Riverside or near Yucaipa California, where I live.  It is necessary that you are able to notate your music, in some type of written form, so we can easily learn to play each other’s original music.

I have been involved with music, all of my life, and recently began writing music, using Cubase as a recording foundation program.  As a songwriter a new world of music opened up to me.  It is easier than I thought.

Songwriter Wanted
Songwriter Original Music


Below are a few videos about songwriting, that I found very interesting.  Also, please let me know if you have any songwriting groups to recommend.  I live in Yucaipa, so Redland, San Bernardino and Riverside would be the closest cities for me.


Ralph Murphy songwriting seminar – from Loyola College – first main video

Write a Melody – Standard Formula for 8 bar melody


After performing cover music for so so many years, finally I wanted more choices of music to play.  It seemed a mystery to me as to how music was created, but thanks to our computers, much of the mystique is gone.  We all have miniature recording studios at our fingertips – well, at our fingertips, after the learning curve, which is VERY HIGH.
I am learning Cubase Elements 8 to help with the composing and the recording.  The program is sophisticated and difficult to learn, at least for me.  However, the rewards are great, and I hope the time spent is well worth it.  It would be appreciated if you are able to generate .mp3 recordings of music you are writing.  If you can please send me a sample.

I sit down with the guitar, and work out the chords for some lyrics recently written.  Then, I go to Cubase to complete the process.

If you are working in a similar way, and would enjoy some on-line or other type of music collaboration, please let me know. You can email me from this site or to

According to the Ralph Murphy Video – link above, It takes 10,000 hours of work, to be good at anything, including songwriting.  That would be working a 40 hour week, writing music, for 5 years.  I hope some other type of “work” time counts, or I would ever become a professional.  Mr. Murphy says that for every 150 songs he writes, he get one hit.