Links For The Arts

Links For The Arts
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Various Links For The Arts support writing, filmmaking, and other artistic endeavors:

How to Write a Comedy Script, by Steve Kaplan.  “Comedy is the Art of Hope”

Why Rom-Coms Suck, by Steve Kaplan

What is Hollywood Buying?  by Scott Kirkpatrick

Scriptwriters Panel – Writing the Hollywood Blockbuster

The Seven Basic Story Plots

Links for Astronomy:  Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater

Unbelieveable SLAM ART

Actors of the Empire – The site is designed to promote filmmaking in the Inland Empire

Video Production Links

The above links are especially helpful to me.  As far and I can tell, hey give the basics in the screenplay writing field.  What is Hollywood Buying and Writing the Hollywood Blockbuster are the “tell it like it is” version of breaking into the screenplay writing business.

Perhaps there are only seven basic stories to tell, but they are all good to hear.  Especially Comedy.  Producers love a good comedy, however they must consider that nationally, comedy is an expensive screenplay to produce.  Comedy does not easily translate.  What is funny for Americans, may not be received the same way in another culture.  Also, translating English words to some other language can take the “funny” right out of the joke.