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    If you like to get in touch with me just fill in the form above. I’m doing my best to network with artistic people, so we can enjoy each other’s talents.

    Music has always been my first love, but writing screenplays is running a close second. I’m writing my first screenplay now; I’m in the second draft, but I enjoy every minute of it.

    Some of the groups shown in the side are very helpful and supportive. We all need to hear our work read aloud, and commented on.

    It doesn’t take trained actors to read your script while it’s in the draft stages. I think it’s better to have a table read by people, maybe writers, who are not concerned with making the screen play sound good.

    What you really want is a yeah, or s nay, on each of the scenes. Authorities in this area, say that 95% of the results you get from this kind of reading, will be accurate. Not so accurate, or even close, is a comments on how to fix it.