Writing and Music by Judy Evicci

For the most part, Writer-Spin began as a writer site, including Legal and Technical Instruction Book sales:

Please visit these links for information on:

Passing the California NMLS Mortgage Brokers Test; and

Passing the National NMLS Mortgage Brokers Test

Also visit this link to purchase instruction electronic Training Booklets regarding Mortgage Loan Processing, including many aspects of using Calyx Point Software.  For Calyx Point Forms, each and every input field will be addressed, and the background information will be given.

Now the site has expanded to include many other forms of artistic endeavors.

Music is my drug of choice.  I sing and play each day to keep my chops up. I know of some local jam scenes for guitar playing, songwriting and jazz. Just drop me a note and I will give you the names of my favorite haunts in the Inland Area.  I live in Yucaipa, so I venture from the desert area (Palm Springs) toward LA, (the Upland Area).

You are now on the Home Page, but please read the Features Page for information on some topics that may be of interest to you, including networking groups.

I hope you enjoy some of my story writing.  Some of it is pure fiction, but my favorite genre is Realistic Fiction. Realistic Fiction uses fictional characters in situations that have happened, or are likely to happen.

If you are involved in one of these artistic activities, please write me so we can exchange information and site links.

Recently I wrote a screenplay because I was compelled to write it. The first draft was not too difficult, using Final Draft software. I began the second draft, along with networking with a local Screenplay writing group. The members were very helpful giving writing feedback. However, I began to realize the difficulty in getting a screenplay read, by anyone, nevermind made into a movie. Making a comedy movie is even more difficult.

As to getting a Screenplay Published, Stephen Kaplan, well known comic, said, “Hollywood is like high school with money.”

He explained that means, that even if you’re a very good transfer student, you’re not to be invited to the party. Networking and meeting people is the only way we can make that happen, so please use this opportunity to link up with others on the site.

Thank you, Judy Evicci

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