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Good-Writing Laundry List

In the beginning, I needed to update my English grammar and style skills. I put a check list together of my own, and later found that Word proof reader beat me to it.

Go to Settings on the Proofing Page to select the items you want Word to check.  Below are the Style Correction items Microsoft Word will check for you as you write. For me, it keeps me reminded of things not to do.

Clichés, Colloquialisms, Jargon,
Fragment - stylistic suggestions
Gender-specific words
Hyphenated & Compound Words
Misused words - stylistic suggestions
Punctuation Suggestions
Relative Clauses Suggestions
Sentence length (more than 60 words too long)  No kidding!
Sentence Structure
Beginning sentences with and, but or hopefully.  My personal favorite to do.
Successive nouns (more than 3)
Successive Prepositional Phrases (more than 3)
Unclear Phrasing
Use of First Person (when not writing in first person)
Verb Phrases - stylistic suggestions
Words in split infinitives (more than 1)

I've been using Word for years, but recently found this function. It may be relatively new. I use Office 2007. Life is good!

Strunk and White, the Elements of Style, is always nearby.



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