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The California SAFE Act NMLS Test Study Guide eBook, for Mortgage Loan Originators, includes all the information you need to pass the NMLS California Component Test required as of 2010.

The downloadable purchase package contains the following:

The 85 page Study Guide / Textbook

PowerPoint Presentation, with special author notes

100 practice test questions

Also included is a "Time and Money" matrix.

Click here to view the Outline of the Ca SAFE Act Study Course

Please call to discuss your study goals.  I am happy to assist you.  Call 909.707.1024 and ask for Judy.

Read with other NMLS eBook Purchasers say:

You are invited to review the Overview Questions, in which all answers are shown.  These sample questions give you a base of information used to answers the 100 test questions provided to you along with the CA SAFE Act NMLS Test Study Guide eBook.

If you wish to purchase the study package, the download price is $79.00.

Click the following links to purchase the California SAFE Act Textbook.  After payment is received you receive a email download link.

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For questions, call Judy at 909.797.1024 or e-mail Judy Evicci at judy@writer-spin.com

eBooks in the making:

eBooks are currently in preparation for the National NMLS exam and for the State of Arizona.   Due to the passing of the SAFE Act, all mortgage loan originators must obtain an Endorsement to their licenses that allow them to originate residential mortgage loans.  All residential or commercial loan originators have to be registered with the NMLS Licensing System.  In some states, Commercial Property is described as having 5 units or more, and the Commercial Lender or Broker must be licensed by NMLS as well. 

If you have been away from school for a while, and you need a reminder of how to study, please read this article. 

Please contact Judy Evicci Sellens for additional information.


Passing the California NMLS test is easy with the proper tools.

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Prepare as early as you can to meet the CA SAFE Act NMLS endorsement deadline.


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