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Judith Evicci, Technical, Creative Nonfiction and Content Writer

Real Estate Industry Content Writing

If you are planning to have a website, I can help you.

All this talk about Websites! How do you get your site recognized by the search engines?

You must have content on your site. That is – relevant stories about you and your products that potential clients find when they search for real estate.

A Ghost Writer takes your good ideas, and polishes them up. They don’t get credit for writing anything. All the authorship credit goes to you.

A Content Writer may pick the topics and/or what to write. They have more latitude in the writing process.

Many people have writing skills, but not the time to write for their website. That’s when I can help; either as a ghostwriter or content writer. I can research any topic you choose, and then write about it.

The best content discusses topics for which buyers or borrowers search. An example would be, “What is a Short Sale?” “How do I find foreclosure properties in Orange County?” Without site content, interested buyers or
sellers will not find your site.

I know how to optimize websites with searchable content. I have three sites of my own, and during the best of times, by using specialty products and optimizing my site content, my site was on the first page of an internet explorer search. There was no fee for this, other than the work done on the site.

I am in the process of updating my pages, so, when the market comes back, I will once again be up front in the searches. Approximately 50% of my income comes from my websites. Please visit my sites to see samples of my topics.

My oldest site is www.SellensLending.com I spent months writing articles for this site, and it really pays off. This site is almost 10 years old.

The first few months a website is up is referred to as the “sandbox” period. The search engines wait a few months to see what the site author does with the site. Will the site grow, or will it remain as it is? Not all websites are posted by the search engines. They have to earn it by having content and activity.

My second site, this one, is new in comparison, and I first published it in May of 2009.  It is my personal writing site.
Please call me and we will discuss your needs. We can negotiate a content writer’s fee to create a recognized site for you. As a Real Estate Broker, with more than 35 years experience, I know your services and topics.

You have to drive people to your site. The easiest way is by using the search engines to do it for you. This works. Please call me.

Judith Evicci-Sellens,  
Content Writer /Ghost Writer / Broker
Please see other pages for non-real estate related content writing. 

Real Estate Writer Credentials: Written in 2010, Judith Evicci-Sellens authored an 85 page textbook and online course, in preparation of taking the first required California SAFE Mortgage Loan Originators test.

As a California Real Estate Mortgage Broker, Sellens Real Estate Lending offers mortgage loans for residential and commercial properties nationwide. 

Judith Evicci-Sellens is the sole owner of Sellens Real Estate & Lending. She is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate. DRE Broker License: 00673791.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Laws Degree, 1985 Western State University College of Law - Fullerton, California. Business Administration Major, Philosophy Minor, California State University - Fullerton, California. Associate of Arts Degree in Escrow, Fullerton College, Fullerton, California.


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