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Home Weatherization Programs

Seniors are offered Weatherization Services and Free Appliances

Read on to see how this works. These services are offered by the Utility Companies and/or Government Programs.

If you meet the criteria, you can receive free appliances and mobile home weatherization. Some requirements are as follows:

Have low income, such as, a household of 2 can not make more than $30,500 a year. There are several different programs and in income limits are different. This is just a sample.

Have your mobile home registered in your name, not your children's names.

Be able to prove your income with SS or SSI award letters. Proof of other income is fine as long as the income maximum is not exceeded.

This is a free program designed to provide low income seniors with savings, by having energy efficient homes.

If utilities are billed to you as part of your monthly statement, please contact your park manager and get account numbers for each of the utility accounts.

For more information about the program, please contact the following companies:

Southern California Edison Company at 909.797.1177 - ask for Lola

Southern California Gas Company at 909. 723.1500 # 2 is for Energy Department.


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